White dove for dove release

Dove Release

The birds are called “doves” because of their snow-white beauty, but they are actually highly trained homing pigeons. When they are released at an event, their homing instinct guides them to their loft where food and water await them.
Symbolizing eternal love and fidelity, dazzling white dove releases are the perfect complement to your special day. We can arrange their release and display with any aspect of your wedding ceremony or reception.
Whether you’re planning a small intimate ceremony or a grand affair, the white doves will celebrate your new beginning with flair and elegance.
The white doves can be released up to a radius of 100 miles from the Weatherford Texas area. They cannot be released during continuous rain, snow, heavy thunderstorms, wind, heavy fog, tornado warnings or in exceptionally cold weather. A full refund will be issued in case of severe weather.They cannot be released inside a building. We can help you to select an appropriate outside location.Their release must be at least two hours before sunset. We want to be sure they have enough time to comfortably reach the loft, feed and settle in for the night.The owners must be present while the birds are on display and when they are released. Many people are concerned about the doves flying directly over their guests. Don’t worry. Homing pigeons are physically unable to produce droppings while in flight. And they won’t settle in the trees, they’ll immediately set out for home.

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