Wedding Invitations

We want to provide the best service for our wedding clients as possible. With much research, we have located two companies that provide outstanding quality at affordable prices for your wedding invitations.

Passport Wedding InvitationsFilm Poster Wedding Invitations

Wedding Designs is an online wedding card provider with a strong focus on service, innovation, originality and design. They are located in Holland, but serve customers across the pond as well. Unique designs are their specialty.

Carlson Craft, a Minnesota company that has been in business since 1948, has an extensive line of gorgeous wedding invitations and other wedding stationery. Best of all, our customers receive a sizable discount when ordering through us.

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Traditionally, the wedding invitations are written in the bride’s hand or by a calligrapher, a person who writes beautiful calligraphy. These days the bride is often too busy to hand address all of her invitations and so we off the services of a calligrapher at a very reasonable cost to you. Read more about the calligrapher service we offer…

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