Wedding Invitation Calligrapher

Our calligrapher can hand address the inner and outer envelopes of your invitation for $1.75 each in the Chancery Cursive alphabet, or $1.50 for just the outer envelope. We will also stuff, seal, stamp and mail your invitations at this price. If you order your invitations from us, we will be happy to deduct .25 from each price.
Wedding invitations should be mailed six weeks before the wedding date. Our calligrapher will need the information and envelopes 2 to 4 weeks before the mailing date depending on the number of invitations you are sending and how busy she is. She will need the title, name, and address for the outer envelope, such as “Mr. and Mrs.” John Smith, 1000 Green Street, Fort Worth, TX 76507 or “Ms.” Jane Smith or “Miss” Jane Smith. For the inner envelope, the traditional address would be “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” “Ms. Smith,” or “Miss Smith, “Mr. Jones” and then children’s names in order of age.
Today, a casual approach is sometimes taken for the inner envelope, so you can have “Aunt Jane and Uncle Howard,” or “Jim and Mary” or “Grandma and Grandpa” on the inner envelope if you want to be more personal. For any questions, please contact

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